Rita Canning      

        Intuitive and Spiritual Guide, Counselor,  and Healer
Prayer for World Peace

As a gifted Intuitive, people have come to me for over 35 years to gain deeper insight and clarity into any question or problem in their personal or professional lives. Working with deep intuition and inner seeing, or such methods as Channeling, Runes, and Sound Scoping, I will help you to to find the answers you seek. This work will also enable you to access your own inherent inner guidance and wisdom.

Integrating Eastern and Western spiritual techniques and teachings, I will help you to access greater fulfillment, awakening and personal consciousness transformation. Through the use of powerful relaxation, meditation, prayer, energizing and healing techniques you will gain greater  awareness and depth into the essence of your Being.
Individual sessions, private group sessions, classes, retreats and phone consultations
Love is inherent in who we are. It is our natural state. We feel the best when we are loving - loving ourselves and our neighbors near and far. We are in a time of great transition and transformation on planet Earth. Much love and prayer is needed to help Humanity thrive, and for World Peace to come about for the benefit of all.  As we realize more deeply how we are all connected, the importance of caring for the Earth and all people becomes more and more obvious. Prayer is an important part of that caring. Prayer works. Any prayer from any tradition.  The sacred Word OM is one method of prayer that has been used for thousands of years. Ask me about it!
Prayer circles for public and private groups

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